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The traditional models of enterprise computing – built and run by IT specialists – are being replaced by a meshed fabric where any manager or executive, regardless of function, can select, procure and implement their own solutions. The implications of this new reality touch virtually every aspect of business.

This blog explores the implications and ramifications of this new paradigm.

My goal is to foster clear speaking among business and IT leaders on the impacts of this remarkable pivot point. Consider:

  • Gartner recently estimated that 38% of a company’s IT spend is already outside of the IT function’s budget and by 2017, that’ll jump to 50%. You mean my IT spend is 60% to 100% greater than what I thought? Where’s it going?
  • Conde Nast shut down its internal data center and moved everything to cloud computing. A powerhouse in media serving 164 million consumers doesn’t need a data center?
  • Netflix’s CIO recently left for Yahoo and he is not replaced. Netflix, the poster child for an IT intensive business, doesn’t need a CIO?

This is all due to the emergence of cloud computing. Cloud means that any executive, in any function, can use computing power and business applications on an “as you need it”, “by the drink”, utility model. And get this – an MIT/CapGemini study found that those firms out perform their peers by a staggering 28% in profitability. Conversely, those who don’t are being left in the dust.

Exciting – and enervating – times. The aim of this blog is to create a conversation that will:

  • Highlight business implications – people/process/market position;
  • Comment on recent events and their potential effects on your business;
  • Enhance clarity and clear up misconceptions around the technology.

Please join me and let’s explore what promises to be the next great leap in business since the computer was introduced.

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My passion is helping companies benefit from the disruption caused by new information technologies (IT). I’ve found that too often organizations facing these challenges focus heavily on the technology, while the broader implications to business functions, markets, competitive position, processes and people are often overlooked or minimized.

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