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Cloud is coming to your enterprise. It will shake up your business in ways that you cannot even imagine. They will be both liberating and threatening. You need a guide, a sounding board, someone who has been there before.

For the past six years I have been intensely focused on helping organizations like yours who are wrestling with maximizing the value from Cloud in all its forms while avoiding the pitfalls. And surprise! – the technology is just the starting point. The real work to extract its incredible potential is all about people, process, organization, strategy and leadership. Together we can get our arms around the tech – even though it may seem confusing at first. What you need to address and master are the deeper implications for the rest of the organization and your competitive marketplace.

Here is where I bring a unique set of experience and expertise. In addition to the recent six intense years dealing with all aspects of cloud computing, my background includes years of hands on experience in the marketing, sales, operations, and finance in some of the globally largest companies, as well as venture capital backed start-ups.

The results speak for themselves with billions of dollars in bookings, double and triple digit revenue growth, an IPO, and successful turnarounds – all from leveraging disruptive technologies – like cloud.

Personally, I started out wanting to be a physicist, but my path led me to a BS, a CPA and a Harvard MBA and to many businesses with a technology slant. Currently, I am exploring ideas and opportunities in consultative and executive roles. If you are facing the challenge of cloud as a buyer, vendor or investor we should have a conversation. I can be reached through john@jmpientka.com and 954-232-5531.



Some of the Companies I’ve Helped Navigate Disruptive Technologies

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About Me

My passion is helping companies benefit from the disruption caused by new information technologies (IT). I’ve found that too often organizations facing these challenges focus heavily on the technology, while the broader implications to business functions, markets, competitive position, processes and people are often overlooked or minimized.

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